Californian Classic Sage Bundle

Californian Classic Sage Bundle

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Sage is used to cleanse out negative energy from your home and provide more positivity into your life.

Each bundle is hand crafted and wrapped with love. They help you relax, reset and re-energize. 

Product Details

4" White Californian sage, ethically sourced. 

Simply start by setting an intention in mind that you wish to manifest.  Light the Sage stick, then gently blow out the flame. Purify a room by guiding the smoke in every corner & sage yourself by letting the smoke circulate around your body.

Brand Information

Indigenous peoples have used sage as part of a sacred religious ceremonial practice for centuries, called smudging. Often performed by a spiritual leader, sage is burned during this ceremony with the purpose of cleansing and purifying a space or a person. 

Sageful stands alongside the Indigenous peoples as they continue to fight for their rights, religions and traditions. We are committed to bringing awareness to their history and show respect to their traditions. 

Sageful is sourced through a female owned and operated property in California. Our Sage is grown in the wild on a farm and then hand wrapped by an incredible team of women. Sageful is never over harvested, we are committed to small batches and respecting the earth. Our continuous mission is to support BIPOC owned businesses and suppliers.